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Totam Forest loudspeakers (Cherry)

  • Totam Forest loudspeakers (Cherry)
  • Totam Forest loudspeakers (Cherry)
  • Totam Forest loudspeakers (Cherry)
  • Totam Forest loudspeakers (Cherry)
  • Totam Forest loudspeakers (Cherry)
  • Totam Forest loudspeakers (Cherry)
  • Totam Forest loudspeakers (Cherry)
  • Totam Forest loudspeakers (Cherry)
  • Totam Forest loudspeakers (Cherry)
  • Totam Forest loudspeakers (Cherry)
  • Totam Forest loudspeakers (Cherry)
  • Totam Forest loudspeakers (Cherry)

Nth Degree Audio

Totam Forest loudspeakers (Cherry)


You are looking at a pair of pre-owned Totem Forest loudspeakers, in Cherry finish.

The loudspeakers are in beautiful condition (please see photographs) and are in full working order.

Ship worldwide in brand-new Totem Forest double boxes with Totem Claws/Ball Bearings (again, please see pictures).

Totem Forest

The Forest from Totem is one of the company's most refined and dynamic loudspeaker models. The superlative floorstanders have been designed and engineered with Totem's committed philosophy in mind and act as a perfect embodiment of that; to offer a realistic sound performance that breaks the boundaries between you and your favourite musical performances.

The Forest is also an ideal front pair of loudspeakers in any home theatre system, thanks to the powerful and controlled low-end working so well with the articulate voicing that the Forest is able to reproduce. In addition to this outstanding sound quality, the Forest is present in a compact and elegant cabinet with flush-mounted drivers for a truly beautiful aesthetic. Sonically enhanced design features can also be found with the Forest, for example; the aerodynamic rounded front baffle and angled rear baffle aid in reducing unwanted resonance and distortion, while the proprietary drivers have been specially modified to offer the best possible sound performance.

Design Highlights

- Elegant design and aesthetic compactness

- Specially modified proprietary drivers

- Flush-mounted drivers

- Aerodynamic rounded front baffle and angled rear baffle

- Extensive cross-bracing and radical angle internal floor

- Available in exotic veneer or Design multicoated polyester finishes

Technical Features

- Lock mitered monocoque chassis

- Ultra-expansive borosilicate damping

- Exclusive, hardwired crossover

- Silvered OFC wiring

- Claw: for advanced decoupling from floor

- Bi-wire-able gold plated WBT terminals

Customized Drivers

Bespoke Acoustic Engineering

Every single driver is completely unique to Totem and proprietary in design, engineered by Totem and then manufactured to the strictest standards to meet our parameters by the finest raw driver suppliers in the world. In some cases, where the technology is beyond the capabilities of suppliers or is wished to kept secret, Totem can and will build our own drivers. Every driver exhibits phase linearity, speed, emotion, off axis natural presentation, and spatial articulation.

Handmade Crossovers

With Point-to-Point Connections

Totem crossovers don’t require many parts because of the synergy between our customized drivers, but the components are the world’s best. Our crossovers aren’t built on PCB’s because the laminated conductive tracks are weak and inconsistent. Instead they are secured to a thin piece of fiberboard or insulated polymers and components are mechanically crimped together because it simply sounds better. When we must solder, we choose WBT Silver Solder, the purest in the industry.

Artisanal Cabinet Construction

Master Craftsman Woodwork

Meticulously hand crafted for peak performance that lasts decades. Lock-Miter assembly is an intricate woodworking procedure where edges physically interlock together. The resulting cabinet is up to 5 times stronger than conventional V Groove cabinets. Internal and external veneering resists warping, structurally fortifies, and ensures consistent peak performance. Industry unique Borosilicate damping manages dissipation, keeps the cabinet musically alive, and never deteriorates. Popular materials like poly fillers eventually decay, dramatically affecting the performance. Variable Density Fiberboard is denser at the extremities than the interior to reduce repetitive nodes and resonances.


WBT Bi-Wire / Bi-Amp

Premium WBT connectors are the preferred choice by all audiophiles. WBT connectors lets the signal through without interfering or affecting it. Superior connectors like WBT connectors will prevent any signal loss and get the most out of the entire system.

Sound Isolation


Machined from solid aluminum, the unique geometric shape breaks up surface standing waves and controls surface resonance as it acoustically decouples the speaker. Can be used with or without ball bearing, depending on surface. It provides improved bass response and imaging.

Who is Totem?

Totem Acoustic is a loudspeaker manufacturer, based in Canada, that construct and design some of the best sounding speaker units on the market today. The company have over 25 years of compact loudspeaker design experience, and shock listeners with models like the Mite, as the sound this model is able to reproduce is vastly larger than its stature would suggest.


Run-in Time: 100 – 150 hours

Placement from rear wall: 1' - 6' / 30.48 - 182.88 cm

Placement distance apart: 4' - 12' / 121.92 - 365.76 cm

Mass Loading: 2 - 15 lb / 0.9 - 6.8 kg in each cabinet

Frequency Response: <33 Hz - 20 kHz ± 3 dB (in room)

Impedance: 8 ohms (6.4 minimum)

Sensitivity: 87 dB

Recommended Power: 50 - 200 W

Crossover Frequency: 2.5 kHz compensated, 2nd order

Woofer: 6.5" / 16.51 cm, 3" / 7.62 cm voice coil

Tweeter 1" / 2.54 cm aluminum dome, chambered

Max SPL's: In average size listening room (12' x 20' / 4 x 6 m) 110 dB peak from pair at 7' / 2 m

Dimensions (w x h x d): 7.7" x 34.3" x 10.6" 19.558 x 87.122 x 26.924cm


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European Union: Shipping will be by DPD or DHL (3 to 7 working day service, dependent on destination country)

North America: Shipping will be by FedEx Priority or DHL (1 to 3 working day service)

Oceania and Far East: Shipping will be by TNT, DHL, UPS or FedEx (3 to 7 working day service, dependent on destination country)

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