Nth Degree Audio was established in January 2013 with the express intention of becoming an online hi-fi shop with a difference.

Having over 22 years in the hi-fi industry, we have seen lots of changes, from technological, to the way hi-fi is sold all over the world.

Here at Nth Degree Audio, we aim to use (what we call) 'the third way' of selling to customers: The perception of hi-fi retail seems to generally fall into two camps; either buy in a physical store and receive good service, or buy online, maybe save a bit of money, whilst receiving no personal service at all.

Here at Nth Degree Audio, we believe that you can have both: why not be able to buy online, but also receive the service you would receive in a shop? That is what we aim to do.

Sure, it isn't always easy communicating with customers all over the world (it's always 7pm somewhere in the World, right?) and making sure they are purchasing the correct equipment/accessories, but in this ever-changing world of retail we at Nth Degree Audio believe in taking online hi-fi retail to the next level.


eBay Store

Since 2013 we have been providing quality hi-fi and service to customers worldwide through our eBay store. 

If you want to see examples of the great service we have been providing, please have a look at our eBay Store by copying and pasting this text, or by clicking on 'eBay Store' on the homepage.:




We will continue to sell some products and accessories through our eBay Store as well as having them available here. You will find, however, that the prices may be slightly cheaper here in our online store, as we will be passing any savings made (by not having to pay eBay's fees) onto you, the customer.



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