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dCS Rossini Master Clock (2019)

  • dCS Rossini Master Clock (2019)
  • dCS Rossini Master Clock (2019)
  • dCS Rossini Master Clock (2019)
  • dCS Rossini Master Clock (2019)
  • dCS Rossini Master Clock (2019)
  • dCS Rossini Master Clock (2019)
  • dCS Rossini Master Clock (2019)
  • dCS Rossini Master Clock (2019)
  • dCS Rossini Master Clock (2019)
  • dCS Rossini Master Clock (2019)
  • dCS Rossini Master Clock (2019)

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dCS Rossini Master Clock (2019)


You are looking at a pre-owned dCS Rossini Master Clock. The Rossini is only 20 months old.

The unit is in beautiful condition and is in full working order. Under bright LED light you can see a few 'ring-marks' on the top plate from a unit which was temporarily sat on top of it; the ring-marks really are only apparent under abnormal lighting conditions (i.e. you won't see them in normal day-to-day conditions); I have added an over-exposed photograph to try to let you see them - please see photograph 10. Other than that, the item is lovely; on very close inspection you may notice an imperfection, but nothing that we can see. Please remember, you are not buying a brand-new product, so aesthetic perfection is not guaranteed.

Ships in original double-boxes with user-manual and cables; a U.K. mains cable will be included if the buyer lives in the U.K.

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dCS Rossini Master Clock


The dCS Rossini range makes superlative sounding music from a wide range of digital sources, simply integrating your digital music and setting the performance standard for digital playback.

Rossini Master Clock is a simple to use Grade 1 master clock, based on our pioneering developments in studio and home audio. Featuring three separate clock outputs capable of outputting different frequencies, Rossini Master Clock allows Rossini DAC or Player users to benefit from the auto clocking mode in Rossini and optimise audio from various digital sources in a simple, fuss free way.

In a digital audio system, samples must be accurately transferred at the correct time. Instability in the sample timing is called jitter – this exists in all digital systems. Severe jitter results in timing errors in the delivery of data to the DAC, causing the analogue signal to be reconstructed inaccurately.

In a dCS system, the DAC can act as the system master clock, but listening tests have shown that there is no substitute for a high quality, dedicated master clock.

dCS pioneered the use of external clocks in digital audio systems. Our clocking technology has been continually refined so that our latest multi-stage Phase-Locked- Loop (PLL) system sets world-beating standards for accuracy and control of troublesome jitter from the incoming audio stream.

All dCS Master Clocks are subjected to rigorous in-house testing. The crystal oscillators are pre-aged, selected for long term stability and then individually calibrated over a wide temperature range to ensure consistent optimal performance. Rossini Master Clock uses a sophisticated microcontroller system to ensure smooth frequency correction as the temperature changes, and this approach gives a more stable result than either oven-controlled crystal oscillators or even atomic clocks.

All dCS Master Clocks are designed to generate industry-standard Word Clock over a 75 ohm coaxial cable. Other manufacturers’ equipment that has been designed to accept standard Word Clock can be used with our clocks.

When listening to digital music through a Rossini system, Rossini Master Clock improves on an already spectacular sound and takes it into an entirely new domain. Listeners are immediately struck by its natural musicality and faithfulness to the original recording. It delivers a powerful and visceral sound yet is highly transparent too, making for an immersive and realistic listening experience.

Key Features

~ Designed for maximum flexibility as output configuration can be optimised in systems with a wide variety of digital audio sources.

~ Dual crystal oscillators with microcontroller-enhanced temperature correction.

~ New dual frequency output and auto-clocking mode used in the Vivaldi and Rossini range improves ease of use and minimises jitter, particularly with computer audio sources.

~ Multi-stage regulation ensures sensitive clock and PLL circuitry is unaffected by digital interference.

~ Aerospace-grade machined aluminium chassis fitted with tuned acoustic damping panels reduces magnetic effects and vibration.

Technical Specifications

Type: Class 1 Master Clock.

Clock Frequencies: 44.1kHz or 48kHz.

Colour: Black.

Dimensions: 444mm/17.5” x 435mm/17.2” x 64mm/2.6”. Allow extra depth for cable connectors.

Weight: 8.3kg/18.3lbs.

Clock Accuracy: Better than +/-1ppm when shipped, over an ambient temperature range of 10°C to 30°C. Typically +/-0.1ppm when shipped and stabilised.

Wordclock I/Oworldclock Inputs: 3 independently buffered outputs on 75Ω BNC connectors. Output 1: fixed at 44.1kHz Output 2: fixed at 48kHz Output 3: 44.1kHz, RS232 controllable.

Startup Time: Typically 1 minute to rated accuracy.

Local Control: RS232 (limited to Power and Clock 3 output frequency).

Power Supply: Factory set to 230/240V AC, 50-60Hz.

Power Consumption: 3 Watts typical / 4 Watts maximum.

The dCS Rossini Master Clock operates on 230V, 50/60Hz. This is perfect for the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and many other countries.

Please note: if you live somewhere where the Voltage is 115V (the U.S.A. for example) we can convert the unit to 115V (prior to shipping). This is a chargeable service - please ask for details.


U.K.: Shipping will be by DPD (next working day service)

European Union: Shipping will be by express major courier (2 to 4 working day service, dependent on destination country)

North America: Shipping will be by FedEx Priority or DHL (1 to 3 working day service)

Oceania and Far East: Shipping will be by TNT, DHL, UPS or FedEx (3 to 6 working day service, dependent on destination country)

All shipping services fully tracked and insured.

Thanks for looking; if you have any questions, please ask.

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