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Chord Signature speaker cable (4 metre pair)

  • Chord Signature speaker cable (4 metre pair)
  • Chord Signature speaker cable (4 metre pair)
  • Chord Signature speaker cable (4 metre pair)
  • Chord Signature speaker cable (4 metre pair)

Nth Degree Audio

Chord Signature speaker cable (4 metre pair)


You are looking at a pre-owned Chord Signature speaker cable; it is a 4 metre pair, terminated with banana plugs at both ends,

The cable is in beautiful condition.

Ships in original box; original box will be placed in an additional outer-box for even safer shipping.

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Chord Signature Speaker Cable

Fitting Chord Signature speaker cable to your system will come as quite a shock. You will find it hard to believe just how much noise your previous speaker cable was allowing to get in the way of the sound. You will be able to hear very fine and delicate detail that will sound unforced and natural. There will be more space around individual voices and instruments.

No matter how complex the music, you will be able to pick out individual instruments. Tonally, the cable is neutral and will portray the very subtle dynamic changes that are so vital to music reproduction. No matter what your system, the innovative design of Chord Signature speaker cable will transform the sound and really bring your music or soundtracks to life.

The materials used in the construction of the Chord Signature speaker cable are the same as those found in interconnects. Oxygen free copper, silver and silver plated copper are used as conductors for the vast majority of speaker cables. Carbon fibre has been used, as have hybrids of other materials. The conductors can be either stranded or solid core but whilst we have been able to successfully use solid core conductors in the construction of interconnects, we have yet to be able to do so in speaker cables. Solid core speaker cables tend to cut off the leading and trailing edges of musical notes and produce a slightly lean bass sound. This can lead to an apparently cleaner and less muddled sound but at the expense of accuracy. All Chord Company speaker cables use stranded conductors and our research has shown that it is better to use fewer heavier gauge conductors than lots of lighter gauge conductors. Lighter gauge conductors get used in a lot of budget speaker cables simply because they make for a more flexible cable.

The Chord Signature speaker cable has been designed to be extremely compatible and to maintain signal quality over long runs. Once again, as with the Chord interconnect range, there are no particularly unusual electrical measurements.

If you are passionate about your music, this is a cable you really must try.


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